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Whether you’re a full time instructor, or wellness is your passion-fueled side hustle, we’re here to help you grow your business!

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Earn What You Deserve

Reap the benefits when you work with a partner like us. We help you in three key areas.

Grow Your Audience

With our unique technology, Flowell connects you to a global audience, filling your classes with students just right for you!

Earn Real Money

We keep you informed on the performance of your business, so you can earn real money doing what you love.

Connect With Your Students

We give you distinct details about your students so you can meet them where they are, providing them with a personal experience that will have them coming back for more.

Our GroWell System

Flowell isn’t just a platform to host classes, we’re a community that aids each other in growth.

To ensure your success, Flowell has developed the GroWell System™ in collaboration with yoga and wellness professionals, as well as experts in media production. This is our method to verify your online teaching abilities and identify areas to help you grow in your professionalism and into a Wellness Leader on Flowell!

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We Can Upgrade You

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Elevate Your Production Quality

Produce high quality content to keep your students engaged.

Let us do the heavy lifting to enhance your digital offerings. Purchasing our production support services will empower you to deliver high-quality content that will lead to you being found by your ideal students.

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